On P.O.I.N.T. Information

Proactive Outreach in Needs and Treatment

At Bright Harbor Healthcare, we believe in building strong, healthy, safe communities. As such, we provide law enforcement support to aid in reducing the impact of poverty, social problems, and inequity in all communities.   Law enforcement support has become the de facto response to any type of crisis.  We recognized an opportunity to partner together to achieve our mutual goal of community wellness and safety, thus creating the On POINT Program in 2016 with the Stafford Township Police Department.

Our approach and partnership have been carefully designed to let each profession excel and operate within its areas of strength and expertise.  On POINT embeds social workers in the police departments to collaborate effectively with officers and address the community’s needs.  On POINT provides an easy access point for officers to refer those in need without the burden of knowing all available programs, services, and the modality to access them.  Part of the referral process is indicating any concerns for safety or the need for a joint outreach with the social worker and officer.  Most frequently, On POINT social workers reach out to and engage those referred without the presence or involvement of an officer.  Through this approach, officers simply become the bridge to mental health, addiction, and social need services instead of the resolution.

Since the inception of On POINT, we have opened the doors of communication between the two professions and discovered ways in which we can complement and assist each other to the benefit of the communities we serve.

The On POINT team provides an assessment of needs, brief case management, referral, and linkage to services along with follow-up. The goal of this law enforcement support program is to ensure community residents are able to easily access available resources that will lead to long-term stability and quality of life. Participation in On POINT is completely voluntary.

Participating Ocean County Police Departments:


Stafford Township Police Department


Little Egg Harbor Police Department


South Toms River Police Department


Lacey Township Police Department


Lakehurst Police Department


Ocean Township Police Department


Manchester Township Police Department

Program Objectives:

Ongoing Collaboration, training, education, and law enforcement support

Reduction in the use of acute and emergency services

Reduction in psychiatric and emergency room screenings via police transport

Reduction in recurring crises that repeatedly absorb police and emergency resources

On-going development of early intervention, pre-arrest, and jail diversion programs

Engaging community members to achieve stability and wellness

Program Outcomes:




Enhance Community Policing Efforts

Address the overwhelming need for service and support for citizens