Command Staff

Chief William Kosh Phone:732-349-0313 x116 Email:w.kosh@boroughofsouthtomsriver.com Lt. Michael Schneidt – Dayshift Supervisor Phone:732-349-0313 x117 Email:m.schneidt@boroughofsouthtomsriver.com Lt. Anthony Giacinti – Dayshift Supervisor Phone:(732) 349-0313 x111 Email:a.giacinti@boroughofsouthtomsriver.com Sgt. Thomas Femiano – Overnight Supervisor Phone:732-349-0313 x134 Email:tfemiano@strpd.us Sgt. William Kosh Jr. – Evening Supervisor Phone:732-349-0313 x116 Email:wkoshjr@strpd.us

Juvenile Officers

Sgt. Anthony Giacinti – Juvenile Liaison Officer Phone:(732) 349-0313 x111 Email:a.giacinti@boroughofsouthtomsriver.com

Patrol Division

The South Toms River Police Department Patrol Division is the most visible division in the department. Uniformed officers patrol our community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Each shift is under the direct supervision of a Patrol Sergeant. In 2018, the Patrol Division responded to 11,980 calls for service …

Detective Bureau

The South Toms River Police Department Detective Bureau is responsible for conducting follow up investigations for criminal cases generated by the Patrol Division as well as self-initiated investigations.   Detectives are responsible for the following: Investigation of crimes against persons and property Narcotics Investigations Megan’s Law registrations Firearms Identification Cards Background Investigations Prospective Employee Background Investigations …

Traffic Safety

The South Toms River Police Department Traffic Safety Bureau consists of officers tasked with the investigation of serious and fatal motor vehicle accidents. Officers work alongside surrounding jurisdictions including the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office Fatal Accident Response Team in conducting investigations. Sgt. Anthony Giacinti Phone:(732) 349-0313 x111 Email:a.giacinti@boroughofsouthtomsriver.com

Records Bureau

The South Toms River Police Department Records Bureau is responsible for the maintenance, filing, storage, and archiving of all police reports and related records. The Records Bureau also handles all attorney discovery requests, firearms application requests, and vehicle impound releases. Firearms forms are now available on this website and can be returned to Administrative Assistant …

School Resource

SLEO Class III Police Officers are authorized to exercise full powers and duties similar to those of a permanent, regularly appointed fill-time police officer while providing security at a public or nonpublic school on the school premise during hours when the public or nonpublic school is normally in session or when it is occupied by …